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This is a package policy specially designed for jewellers & diamontaires i.e. those establishments dealing solely in diamonds. jeweller's premises are categorized into Class I, II or III depending upon the type of security provided for the premises.

Discount in premium is available in case the premises have special protection devices like built-in vaults, strong rooms, closed circuit T.V. or armed guards.

This policy is more suitable for jewellers who are wholesalers or retailers. The policy cannot be given to establishments whose work is predominantly manufacturing of jewel stones like cutters and goldsmiths. The policy also cannot be given to angadias , brokers or pawn brokers etc.

  • Types of policies available under this category
    • Standard and package policy
  • What are the perils (Cause of Loss) covered
    • The policy comprises four sections which are optional except for section I which is compulsory.
    • Section I : Covers loss or damage to jewellers , gold and silver ornaments or plates , pearls, precious stones, cash and currency notes whilst contained in the premises insured, by fire, explosion, lightning, burglary ,house breaking, theft, hold up, robbery, riot, strike and malicious damage and terrorism.
    • Section II : Covers loss or damage to jewellery, gold etc. as described in Section I whilst it is in the custody of the insured, his/her partners, employees, directors, sorters of diamonds or whilst such property (excluding cash and currency notes) is in the custody of brokers, agents, cutters and goldsmiths.
    • Section III : Covers loss or damage to property described in Section I whilst in transit by registered parcel post, air freight or through angadia
    • Section IV : Covers loss or damage to trade and office furniture and fixtures in insured premises due to fire, explosion, lightning ,burglary, house breaking, theft, hold up, robbery, riot, strike and malicious damage and terrorism.
  • What perils can be covered by paying extra premium
    • Information not available
  • What are the main Exclusions?
    • Information not available
  • Types of discounts on premium available under this category
    • Basis of Sum Insured- Recommendations
      • The sum insured under Section I and II should represent the cost price of the jewellery items. The sum insured under Section III should represent the maximum loss likely, arising out of any one incident. The sum insured under Section IV should represent the market value of the property
    • Excess and other deductibles during claim
      • Information not available
    • Claims procedure
      • In case of any incident giving rise to a claim under the policy , the following steps should be taken :
        • Inform insurance company within 24 hrs.
        • In case of burglary, theft etc. inform police immediately and obtain FIR& Non traceable certificate
        • Submit claim form and relevant documents to surveyor appointed by Insurance Co. to substantiate the loss
    • Other relevant information
      • Policy details given are indicative, not exhaustive. Please contact us for further details.
    • Premium calculator
        • Form Downloads
        • 1) Prospectus
        • 2) Premium Rating chart
        • 3) Proposal Form
        • 4) Claim Form
        • 5) Policy wordings