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Role of Alert Insurance Brokers Private Limited

  • Negotiate with the Insurance Company for the best price on behalf of our client. 
  • Understanding the Insurance requirement of the client.
  • Arranging for Risk Inspection wherever required
  • Advice the right Insurance product and covers to the client.
  • Provide the right add on covers and explain the advantages of the same during a claim.
  • Advice the client on obtaining Valuation report wherever applicable.
  • Explaining the various deductions during a claim like Depreciation , Salvage, Under Insurance, Policy excess (Common rule applicable to all Insurance Companies)
  • Explaining the client to ensure that the Sum Insured indicate Reinstatement / New Replacement value to avoid “Under Insurance” deductions during a claim
  • Explaining different sample of settlements during a fire claim based on the Sum Insured chosen: https://www.policy99.com/fire-sum-insured-recommendation
  • To caution the client on warranties, Sub limits, Exclusions …etc.
  • Providing quotes & terms from 3 to 5 Insurance companies along with our recommendations so the client can take quick & informed decision.
  • Obtaining Mandate from the client as per IRDA regulations
  • To ensure the premium is paid directly to the Insurance company before commencement of the risk as per the Insurance Act.
  • To arrange for Held cover letter / Cover note / Policy for the client.
Post Sale:
  • Quality check: To ensure Proposal / Final quote slip and the Policy issued are in line.
  • Arrange endorsements from the Insurance company for any corrections.
  • Reminders for monthly declarations & top ups (As applicable).
  • Prompt Insurance renewal reminders well in advance.
  • To ensure prompt Push notification updates to the client during a claim