Being a person who pays bills on time, doesn’t indulge in impulsive splurges, and who invests wisely are some of the signs of a financially strong person. However, just these attributes will not make you a financial rock star. To be a proficient financial inspiration to others, you must fulfill the following 7 characteristics.

1. You have your numbers in check:

As a financially sound person, you will have all your numbers in check. This includes your monthly salary, investments, expenses, etc. Despite the fact that expenses are bound to change often, you plan an amazing budget and try to adhere to it.

Furthermore, you maintain a good credit score, and keep a track of it. Also, most importantly, you spend less than what you earn and never put yourself in a tight spot at the end of each month.

2. You have a full-scale emergency fund:

Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. It can occur to you, your assets, or your dependants. If you have a strong emergency fund as a backup during these tough times, then you are a finance pro.

The fund can be in form of a savings deposit or even insurance policies that will cover your expenses at the time of crisis.

3. You have your retirement plans in place:

Obviously, you cannot have a full-fledged retirement fund, in early stages of your career. However, financial rock stars around the globe invest 10% of their monthly earnings for their retirement fund.

Even if you work for employers who offer good retirement benefits, you still save money for your personal retirement funds as an additional backing.

4. You either don’t have debts or you have a plan to settle them:

By now, you might have paid off all your debts or you will soon be there. Financial rock stars are well aware of the fact that debts reduce one’s credit score; therefore, they try to not take any loans or in the most mandatory cases, they create a good repayment plan.

If you are one of such people, then pat yourself on your back, for you have one of the important qualities to be a financial rock star.

5. You protect yourself, your dependents, and your assets well:

You are not the kind of person who thinks insurance as an expense. You, actually, research on the convenient and affordable insurance options using leading insurance claim consultancies like, and insure yourself, your dependants, and your major assets like your vehicle, house, and business.

Furthermore, as a financial rock star, you actually prepare yourself for the worst; you will make sure that all your coverable medical expenses should be enclosed by your health insurance policy.

6. You are well aware of the risks involved in investment options:

The key characteristic of a financial rock star is not that he or she saves in a risk-free investment option; rather, they understand that almost all investment options have their own risks and security. The rock stars look at long-term benefits than the short-term losses.

To be a rock star, you must be the master of the investment game. If you know how to mitigate risks in an investment and make the best out of it, then without a doubt, you are a pro in finance management.

7. You are not just a wise spender and investor, but also a good money maker:

While you are a pro in cutting back on unnecessary expenses, impulsive splurges, etc., you also do your best to amplify your income. If you work for any firm, you work your level best to have a shot at every increment opportunity.

If you own a business, you search for opportunities that will make you establish and expand your business to a bigger level.