Policy99.com is one of the leading and trusted insurance broker’s web portals in India. The online portal delivers simplified product information and the dedicated teams of professionals provide world-class claim assistance including real-time claim updates. Be it your car Insurance or medical insurance or travel insurance, policy99 is your go to destination for your insurance needs.

Once you Sign up with an Insurance Broker’s site like Policy99.com you can:

  • View product related information before buying – Informed decision
  • Compare quotes & buy Personal Insurance Products from top brands
  • Apply proposals for offline SME & Corporate Insurance Products
  • Store/Save policies in the cart and buy later
  • Don’t feel like filling forms, just upload your details and get a quote.
  • Set Automated Policy Reminders and get notified through E-Mail & SMS. (Even if the policies are not bough through them)
  • My Portfolio – View, Edit &Upload all your policies in a single screen
  • My Documents – Safely store all important documents in one place
  • My Profile – View, Edit & Upload your profile
  • Renew directly from your account seamlessly
  • Claim – Upload spot photographs with clear cut documentation process for speedy services
  • IOS & Android Apps will allow you to access your account on the go


Are you looking for insurance policy? Here is a look at why you should choose policy99.com for all your insurance needs.

One Stop Insurance Shop – Advantage

At Policy99.com, users can compare prices and terms from various insurance companies and choose a deal that best suits their requirement. The extensive range of Insurance policies are available.

Personal Insurance Solutions

There is a wide range of personal insurance solutions to meet all lifestyle requirements and ensure that perils are covered and assets are protected. Some of the products include simple two-wheeler insurance, car Insurance, travel insurance and medical insurance. Check out a list of all the personal insurance solutions here.

Small & Medium Business Insurance Solutions

Entrepreneurs work hard to grow their business and it is essential that their investments and livelihood are always protected. Specialized solutions contain many types of insurance covers including standard fire & special perils, burglary, electronic equipment, machinery break down, jewelers block insurance and much more. Click here to see the entire list of insurance solutions for Small and Medium Businesses.

Corporate Insurance Solutions

Corporate insurance necessities are very specific and may vary from company to company depending on the industry and the nature of business. Policy99 offers wide variety of corporate insurance solutions so you can choose the option that is most relevant to your business.  Some of the products include group mediclaim, marine, industrial all risk, , group gratuity, workmen compensation, product liability insurance and much more. Check out the entire list of corporate insurance solutions here.

Ease of Access

For users who are adept at using the internet, buying all insurance solutions online is an effortless and a rational option. At Policy99.com, you can buy / apply all insurance solutions at the click of a button. All you need to do is fill a form or upload your details to get a quote.  Gone are the days where there were a lot of paperwork and long queues to get an insurance policy. Now you can buy a range of insurance covers from the comfort of your living room.

Single point of access for all your policies

Now you can store the entire family’s documents in one safe place. The “My Portfolio” option on Policy99.com allows you to handle the entire family’s insurance portfolio management from one dashboard.  Policy99.com is licensed to deal with any general, health and life insurance companies in India on behalf of their clients and are regulated and monitored by Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority of India.


Set Renewal Reminders

Fill out a simple form with your Name, E-Mail id., Mobile No., Insurance Product and due date. When your renewal is around the corner, you will get an email &SMS notification indicating the same. You can set up reminders for any other policy that you have purchased through others. This helps make your insurance solutions quick, easy and hassle free. Fill up a quick form and you do not have to keep track and worry about missing another deadline.

Stay insured on the go

At Policy99.com, the insurance process is extremely simplified. You can download the sleek and user-friendly app on your Apple or Android devices.  This will help manage your policies and even track your claim process right from the app.