We all buy Overseas Travel Insurance to protect ourselves and our family from financial emergencies that might come up while traveling outside India.Ideally, if you do have some emergency, all you need to do is pay for it and then claim and you will get your money back. Unfortunately a lot of travel claims get rejected. If you want to make sure your travel claims don’t get rejected, here are some reasons to watch out for:

• Misplacing bills
To claim medical expenditures, one of the first things you need to do is to ensure all your bills, Proof of payment , Doctor’s prescription are in place. In order to claim, you need to have all these from the hospitaland nursing homes. Only when you submit all the bills, will you be able to claim.

• Misrepresenting medical history
One of the common reasons for claims getting rejected is misrepresenting medical history. If you give false information or hide something about your medical history and ifmedical history is discovered during the scrutiny, your claim can get rejected.

• Alcohol or drug consumption

Vacation is the best time to sit back, relax and drink some cocktails, right? However, this can be used against you as well. Any loss or damage that occurs when you are drunk or under the influence of alcholcannot be claimed.

• Indulging in adventure sports

We often associate holidays with adventure. However, the insurance company does not think that way. If you had an accident when taking part in adventure sports, then the chances of your insurance claims getting rejected are high. Activities that pose a risk to your life are not covered by the insurance company. So a good idea would be to check with your insurance provider about what is covered ahead of time.

• Rule change
Every year, insurance companies change or revise their terms and conditions. So it is important to check them ahead of time. If you don’t read it fully, you may claim for some exclusions and your claim will be rejected.

• Not reporting on time
Most times, Insurers will want you to report / intimate a claim within 24 hour through their Toll free number or email mentioned on the policy schedule. If you fail to do this, your claim can be rejected. Ensure that you have a copy of the complaint and a record of who you contacted.

Insurance policies vary, so read the fine print carefully to see exactly what is covered. It is a good idea to compare various policies and take a decision based on what suits your need best. Policy99.com offers a wide range of international travel insurance from top Insurers. Compare and choose the plan with best benefits at affordable premium.