Mediclaim insurances are offered by general or standalone health insurance companies to the insuring public for their hospitalization expenses. Generally, this policy provides/reimburses the medical expenses that occurdue to Accidental and Natural hospitalization of the insured. Mediclaim policies are important because they take care of almost all the hospitalization expenses in case of sudden illness, in case of an accident, in case of a surgery that is required because of any disease that arose during you policy period.
The different types of Mediclaim Insurances available are:

1. Individual Plans:
This plan provides mediclaim and other hospitalization benefits for one person. No matter how many medical issues that person encounters, based on the insured amount, his/her medical expenses done via hospitalization claims. This plan is mostly provided for a reasonable premium to corporate employees, and in many organizations, this is availed and provided by the employers.

2. Family Floater Plans:
To cover your whole family under a single cover, you must opt for Family Floater Mediclaim Insurance policy. A single member of the family can use the entire family floater Sum Insured or different members can also avail unused Sum Insured available during the policy period. Coverage for self, spouse, children, and parents as opted during proposal can be covered

3. Senior Citizen Plans:
Senior citizen mediclaim insurance plans are very essential for any elder individuals.If you are planning to retire or nearing your retiring age, then you might have to live on pension or some interest income from savings. In case of a sudden medical emergency, you might be stuck in a financial crisis. To avoid such situations, senior citizens mediclaim insurances are a prudent and effective decision. By taking a comprehensive senior citizen mediclaim insurance policy from one of the insurance companies, you will be getting a lot of benefits ranging from maximum renewal age, ambulance charges cover, coverage for treatment of existing diseases after certain waiting period… etc. These insurance policies are for elder people of age 60 onwards.

4. Critical Illness Insurance:
While most mediclaim insurances cover sudden illness or accidents, this insurance policy covers critical illnesses. When a policy holder is diagnosed with a critical illness which is covered in the policy, upon a waiting period of a month the entire Sum Insured is paid as a lump Sum to the policy holder. The policy holder can then plan the complete treatment accordingly. These serious health conditionsalways have an incapacitating effect on any individual’s lifestyle. As it might require quite a considerable sum of money toward the treatment and other medical expenses, taking a critical illness policy for the same is the right choice to make. Your general mediclaim policy will take care of only your hospitalization charges, but taking a critical illness policy is good for all sorts of medical emergencies that might devastate your lifestyle and work schedule like brain tumor, Heart attack, cancer, etc.

Furthermore, you can avail all of these mediclaim insurances at different cover and premium values and rates that will suit your needs and wants. Also, with Top-up options, you can upgrade your total cover value. Taking the right insurance is a wise and prudent decision; to pick the best mediclaim insurance for you, use for comparing and analyzing the various insurance types available.