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Why Alert Insurance Broker Pvt. Ltd:

At Alert Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. we strongly believe “Honesty is the best policy”
As IRDAI licensed Insurance Broker from past 10 years we are authorized to deal with any General, Life & Health Insurance company on behalf of our client. We are also authorized to do Insurance claim consultancy , Risk inspection and prepare a gap analysis report for our clients.
A Broker represents the Policy Holder and not the Insurance Company.
Our Mission : Insurance services with total integrity
Our Vision : To make customer experience world class in all aspects of Insurance services
Role of Alert Insurance Broker Pvt. Ltd.:

Pre- Sale:
1) Understanding the Insurance requirement of the client
2) Inspecting the risk to be covered.
3) Advice the right Insurance product to the client
4) Provide the right add on covers and extensions and explain the advantages of the same during a claim
5) Advice the client on obtaining Valuation report wherever applicable
6) Explaining the various deductions during a claim like Under Insurance, Salvage, Policy excess…etc
7) Explaining the client to ensure that the Sum Insured indicate Re-instatement / New Replacement value to avoid “Under Insurance” deductions during a claim (As applicable)
8) To caution the client on warranties, Sub limits, Exclusions …etc
9) Providing quotes & terms from at least 3 to 5 Insurance companies along with our recommendations so the client can take quick & informed decision

1) To ensure the premium is paid directly to the Insurance company before commencement of the risk as per the Insurance Act
2) To arrange for Held cover letter / Cover note for the client

Post Sale:
1) Quality check: To ensure Proposal / Final quote slip and the Policy issued are in line.
2) Arrange endorsements from the Insurance company for any corrections
3) Reminders for monthly declarations & top ups (As applicable)
4) Prompt Insurance renewal reminders well in advance
5) To ensure prompt Push notification updates to the client during a claim

Insurance Claim Consultancy:
For a client it is very difficult to go through the Policy wordings , Terms and conditions, warranties and various clauses of any Insurance policy and understand what is covered, What is not covered, what are the add on covers available in the policy, what are the exclusions and deductions during a claim.
Insurance claims are all about documentations and checklist which change according to product to product, Peril to Peril (Peril means cause of loss)
IRDAI has clear Turnaround time (TAT) for appointing a surveyor by the Insurance company, submission of survey report, appointing an investigator , submission of investigation report, Role of an Insurance Broker during a claim …etc. The mode of claims payment disbursement is only through NEFT or RTGS directly from the Insurance Company to the Policy holder’s account.
To have a good Insurance claims experience the client must ensure that the Pre sale, Sale and Post sale checklist are taken care during renewing or buying a policy itself.
Still if there are claim disputes it is always recommended to go through an Insurance Broker like us who have in house Insurance technical experts with 30 years of experience in various Products to interpret on behalf of the client.
Insurance brokers like us are licensed by IRDAI to render Insurance claims consultancy to clients who have not bought the policy through us and are seeking for proper professional guidance by experts.
There is a nominal fees involved for such consultancy which starts from Rs 999 + service tax.
The Insurance consultancy fees will be collected only after we study the claim papers. If we feel that the Insurance Company has rejected / repudiated the claim on fair grounds as per the terms and conditions then as a principal we will not charge any fees from the client.
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Insurance Products Under Personal Insurance Solutions

September 08, 2016

To lead a hassle-free life, one needs to master risk management. A person can be successful today, but if he is not prudent enough to handle and mitigate risks, then his success could be short-lived.
Be it in one’s professional or personal life, having a complete personal insurance backup is one of the important things that any financial expert would recommend to mitigate any financial risks. While professional insurance solutions are important for businesses and corporate, personal insurance solutions are necessary for everyone.
Some of the helpful insurance products covered by personal insurance solutions are:

1. Motor Insurance
From natural calamities to man-made accidents, your vehicles may undergo a lot of risks on a daily basis. With Motor insurance policies, you can get coverage for loss of or damage to your vehicleagainst the various perils (cause of loss) risks like accidents, thefts, fire, floods, riots, earthquakes, strikes, etc.
The two common types of vehicle insurances are:
Car Insurance:
Private car comprehensive insurance provides coverage for any loss or damage to your insured car due to the following causes.
Natural calamities:
 Fire
 Lightning
 Earthquake
 Flood
 Typhoon
 Hurricane
 Storm
 Cyclone
 Landslide
 Rockslide

Man made:
 Burglary
 Theft
 Riot Strike
 Malicious act
 Accident by external means

Add on covers available under Private car Insurance:
 Nil Depreciation (Depreciation amount will not be deducted during claim)
 Consumables (Consumables like nuts, bolts,grease…etcamount will not be deducted during claim)
 Return to Invoice (Life Tax Amount will also be paid during a Total Loss Claim)
 NCB Protection ( No Claim Bonus will be allowed during the renewal even if claim is made)
 Engine Protector -Hydro static lock loss (Covers loss arising due to Flood / Inundated water entering the Engine )
 Gear box protector
 Tyre cover
 Spare car/ Daily Allowance/ Inconvenience allowance
 Key replacement
 Loss of Personal Belongings / Baggage
 Emergency transport and hotel expenses / Hospital Cash cover
 Ambulance charge cover
 24×7 spot assistance

If you take a car insurance policy, it also provides personal accident cover of up to Rs. 200,000. When the damage happens while traveling in and mounting or dismounting from the car, this insurance sum is provided for an individual owner-driver of the Insured’s vehicle.

Two Wheeler Insurance:
If you own a two wheeler, buying a two wheeler comprehensive insurance policy is important. This coverage will keep you and your vehicle secure against various damages that are caused by any of the natural and man-made calamities.
One can also choose to ride worry free and opt to buy/Renew Long term Policies for either 2 or 3 years continuously and save about 30%
What’s not covered?
 Normal wear and tear
 Depreciation(Unless opted as an add on cover by paying extra premium)
 Mechanical and electrical breakdown
 Aging of the vehicle
 Tire damage
 Damage caused when driven without a valid license or under the influence of drugs or liquor…etc
An additional form of vehicle insurance is Motor Third Party Insurance, which is obligatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act. This insurance protects the insured person and vehicle against financial losses that may arise out of a third party injury, death, or property damage.

2. Travel Insurance
A travel insurance policy covers the policy holder’s medical expenses that may have occurred due to some adverse incidents during his international travel.
What’s covered?
Coverage ofAccident & Sickness Medical Expenses:
 Accident & Sickness Medical Expenses: Travel Guard takes care of your medical expenses due to accident and sickness while traveling so that you can concentrate on better things like enjoying the holiday.
 Checked Baggage Loss: The maximum amount to be reimbursed per bag is 50%, and the maximum value per article contained in any bag is 10%, of the amount stated in the Policy Schedule.
 Baggage delay:Compensation for reasonable expenses incurred for purchase of emergency personal effects due to delay in arrival of checked in baggage, whilst overseas.
 Loss of Passport: Compensation for expenses incurred in obtaining a duplicate or new passport.
 Personal Liability: Compensation for damages to be paid to a third party, resulting from death, bodily injury or damage to property; caused involuntarily by the insured.
 Hijacking: In an unfortunate event of your common carrier in which you are traveling; being hijacked, this product will pay a distress allowance to you.
 Flight Delay:Reimbursement of additional expenses occurred due to trip delay (only if the trip has been delayed for more than 12 hours).
 Automatic-extension of the policy: Travel Guard allows you to extend your policy upto a period of 7 days from the policy expiry date.
 Accidental Death And Dismemberment: Travel Guard gives you worldwide coverage against Accidental Death and Dismemberment while you’re abroad anywhere in the world.
 Sickness Dental Expense: The policy pays for immediate Dental Treatment occurring due to sudden acute pain during the course of an overseas Insured Journey. Dental benefits will be provided for Medically Necessary filling of the tooth or surgical treatment, services, or supplies.

What’s majorly not covered?
• You are not covered if any expenses incurred directly or indirectly in respect of:
• Traveling against the advice of the physician; for obtaining treatment;
• Pre-existing ailments & complications arising out of them;
• Suicide or attempted suicide; war; terrorism; illegal acts; dangerous sports etc.
• For list of complete detailed exclusions, please refer policy wordings.

3. Health Insurance
A health insurance is vital for any individual because it takes care of most of the hospitalization expenses. From sudden illnesses to accidents, any medical expenses incurred during the insured period are covered by health insurance companies
The different types of mediclaim insurances available are:
• Individual Plans
• Family Floater Plans
• Senior Citizen Plans
• Critical Illness
• Top Up
What’s covered?
 Any hospitalization expense (Accidental and Natural)

What’s not covered?
 Pre-existing health conditions are mostly not provided for before four continuous renewals
 Any accidental hospitalization costs within the first 30 days
 Maternity expenses are not covered by some of the policies

4. Personal Accident Insurance
With a personal accident insurance, you can protect yourself against contingencies. This insurance will pay financial compensation for insured’s death or his permanent disability due to an accident.
What’s covered?
Death or permanent disability due to accident
What’s not covered?
 Intentional self-injury
 Suicide
 Attempt to suicide
 Death or disablement due to pregnancy
 Accident under the influence of alcohol or drugs

5. Mobile Insurance
To protect your mobile phones from loss, damage, or theft, you can take a mobile insurance. This insurance provides cover against
 Fire
 Malicious damages during strikes or riots
 Theft
 Accidental external means
What’s not covered?
 Theft, loss, or damage when the phone is lent to a third party
 Mechanical or electronic breakdown
 Usage in any abnormal conditions
 Damage by wear and tear
 Damage due to climatic conditions
 Intentional damage caused

6. Pure Term Insurance (Life Insurance which covers only Risk)
By availing term insurance, one can be assured of the financial stability to his family in case of his/herAccidental & Natural death during the term of the policy.
There are two types of term insurances, namely:
 With Return of Premium – On the death of the insured, the sum insured will be paid to the nominee. For survivors, the paid premiums are refunded to the insurers at the end of the term.
 Without Return of Premium – On the death of the insured, the sum insured will be paid to the nominee.
Nowadays, buying an insurance policy is easy and straightforward. With more and more people preferring to buy insurance policies online, IRDA Licensed Insurance Broker’s Websites like will help you choose the best insurance policies in a highly simplified approach.
The above mentioned details are only indicative in nature. Please read the complete Terms & conditions/ Policy wordings, Warranties before buying any policy.

The Different Types Of Mediclaim Insurance

Mediclaim insurances are offered by general or standalone health insurance companies to the insuring public for their hospitalization expenses. Generally, this policy provides/reimburses the medical expenses that occurdue to Accidental and Natural hospitalization of the insured. Mediclaim policies are important because they take care of almost all the hospitalization expenses in case of sudden illness, in case of an accident, in case of a surgery that is required because of any disease that arose during you policy period.
The different types of Mediclaim Insurances available are:

1. Individual Plans:
This plan provides mediclaim and other hospitalization benefits for one person. No matter how many medical issues that person encounters, based on the insured amount, his/her medical expenses done via hospitalization claims. This plan is mostly provided for a reasonable premium to corporate employees, and in many organizations, this is availed and provided by the employers.

2. Family Floater Plans:
To cover your whole family under a single cover, you must opt for Family Floater Mediclaim Insurance policy. A single member of the family can use the entire family floater Sum Insured or different members can also avail unused Sum Insured available during the policy period. Coverage for self, spouse, children, and parents as opted during proposal can be covered

3. Senior Citizen Plans:
Senior citizen mediclaim insurance plans are very essential for any elder individuals.If you are planning to retire or nearing your retiring age, then you might have to live on pension or some interest income from savings. In case of a sudden medical emergency, you might be stuck in a financial crisis. To avoid such situations, senior citizens mediclaim insurances are a prudent and effective decision. By taking a comprehensive senior citizen mediclaim insurance policy from one of the insurance companies, you will be getting a lot of benefits ranging from maximum renewal age, ambulance charges cover, coverage for treatment of existing diseases after certain waiting period… etc. These insurance policies are for elder people of age 60 onwards.

4. Critical Illness Insurance:
While most mediclaim insurances cover sudden illness or accidents, this insurance policy covers critical illnesses. When a policy holder is diagnosed with a critical illness which is covered in the policy, upon a waiting period of a month the entire Sum Insured is paid as a lump Sum to the policy holder. The policy holder can then plan the complete treatment accordingly. These serious health conditionsalways have an incapacitating effect on any individual’s lifestyle. As it might require quite a considerable sum of money toward the treatment and other medical expenses, taking a critical illness policy for the same is the right choice to make. Your general mediclaim policy will take care of only your hospitalization charges, but taking a critical illness policy is good for all sorts of medical emergencies that might devastate your lifestyle and work schedule like brain tumor, Heart attack, cancer, etc.

Furthermore, you can avail all of these mediclaim insurances at different cover and premium values and rates that will suit your needs and wants. Also, with Top-up options, you can upgrade your total cover value. Taking the right insurance is a wise and prudent decision; to pick the best mediclaim insurance for you, use for comparing and analyzing the various insurance types available.

Reasons Your Overseas Travel Insurance Claim Might Get …

We all buy Overseas Travel Insurance to protect ourselves and our family from financial emergencies that might come up while traveling outside India.Ideally, if you do have some emergency, all you need to do is pay for it and then claim and you will get your money back. Unfortunately a lot of travel claims get rejected. If you want to make sure your travel claims don’t get rejected, here are some reasons to watch out for:

• Misplacing bills
To claim medical expenditures, one of the first things you need to do is to ensure all your bills, Proof of payment , Doctor’s prescription are in place. In order to claim, you need to have all these from the hospitaland nursing homes. Only when you submit all the bills, will you be able to claim.

• Misrepresenting medical history
One of the common reasons for claims getting rejected is misrepresenting medical history. If you give false information or hide something about your medical history and ifmedical history is discovered during the scrutiny, your claim can get rejected.

• Alcohol or drug consumption

Vacation is the best time to sit back, relax and drink some cocktails, right? However, this can be used against you as well. Any loss or damage that occurs when you are drunk or under the influence of alcholcannot be claimed.

• Indulging in adventure sports

We often associate holidays with adventure. However, the insurance company does not think that way. If you had an accident when taking part in adventure sports, then the chances of your insurance claims getting rejected are high. Activities that pose a risk to your life are not covered by the insurance company. So a good idea would be to check with your insurance provider about what is covered ahead of time.

• Rule change
Every year, insurance companies change or revise their terms and conditions. So it is important to check them ahead of time. If you don’t read it fully, you may claim for some exclusions and your claim will be rejected.

• Not reporting on time
Most times, Insurers will want you to report / intimate a claim within 24 hour through their Toll free number or email mentioned on the policy schedule. If you fail to do this, your claim can be rejected. Ensure that you have a copy of the complaint and a record of who you contacted.

Insurance policies vary, so read the fine print carefully to see exactly what is covered. It is a good idea to compare various policies and take a decision based on what suits your need best. offers a wide range of international travel insurance from top Insurers. Compare and choose the plan with best benefits at affordable premium.

How important is overseas travel insurance

Planning an international travel can be extremely exciting; from the packing to actually scheduling the itinerary, there are many little things that you need to keep in mind. Traveling overseas is also a perfect time to let you hair down and experience a new locale and culture. Therefore, it is also important to protect yourself from possible risks that are involved from traveling. The best way to do this is by getting a travel insurance.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a comprehensive insurance cover that protects you and your family from both medical and financial emergencies that might come up while traveling.
Types of travel insurance

  • Student Travel insurance: Ideal for students who have gone abroad to study.
  • Business Travel Insurance: Ideal for business travelerswho travel for work.
  • Holidays/Leisure Insurance: People travelling to other country on a leisure trip are covered under travel insurance.
  • Corporate Frequent Traveler: Ideal for those who travel frequently on short trips often. It lets corporate take a cover for a year saving them the hassle of having to buy the insurance each time they travel.

Benefits of overseas travel insurance

Travel insurance is something you need to set up as it will ensure you a safe trip. It should be taken at the time of booking of a trip itself. It also offers coverage for medical expenditure, trip cancellation or delay and any other unforeseen circumstances that you might run into.

Emergency medical treatment and assistance

In case of any medical emergency or an accident, overseas travel insurance will come in extremely handy. Medical treatment abroad can be extremely expensive and without a proper insurance cover, you will have to shell out a lot of money out of your pocket to pay for the treatment yourself. Medical expenses during Travel incurred by the insured persons, outside India as a direct result of bodily injuries caused or sickness or disease contracted are covered.Whereas, if you do have a cover, you can easily manage your hospital expenditure when aboard and have a hassle free trip. Insurance policies vary, so read the fine print carefully to see exactly what is covered. It is a good idea to compare various policies and take a decision based on what suits your need best. Policy99 offers a wide range of international travel insurance from top insurers. Compare and choose the plan with best benefits at affordable costs.

Trip Cancellation

Airline companies are known for delaying flights or canceling it last minute. As a passenger, this can cause you a lot of money, especially if you are traveling to exotic destinations. Missing one flight can lead you to miss connecting flights or hotel accommodations. However if you have a good insurance cover, it will take care of your loss. They will compensate you for the delays and compensation. Also ensure that that you get it in writing from the airline that the event occurred; else the claim might be rejected.
It is important to note that you need to pick a good overseas, which includes cancelations and delays as well. A good idea would be to

Baggage & personal belongings

Have you ever had this situation where the airline seems to have lost or misplaced your baggage or you have lost your personal belongings during a trip? No? Then you are lucky. Often, this does happen and during these times, overseas travel insurance comes in handy. Although most airlines does compensate for your baggage loss, it is never enough. Travel insurance goes some way in ensuring that the cost of your belongings is at least recovered. This is especially convenient if you are traveling with laptops or any other expensive electronic items.

Emergency financial assistance

During your travel, in case your wallet is robbed or your hotel room is burglarized, you will be more than happy that you have an insurance cover. Travel insurance will be of assistance to you at this time. Monetary assistance is provided if the insured loses all or substantial part of his travel funds. In case of loss of important documents such as passport, overseas travel insurance also covers the fees to reapply for such documents.

Exclusions in Overseas Travel Insurance

While travel insurance is highly essential and has a ton of benefits for travels, there are also a few exceptions. It is important to know them ahead. Here are a few of them you should know:

  • Pre-existing disease
  • AIDS or HIV
  • Participation in adventurous activities such as bungee jumping, parachuting, etc.
  • Self inflicted injury or suicide
  • Participation in criminal act
  • Treatment of nervous and mental disorders

Are You A Financial Rock Star?

Being a person who pays bills on time, doesn’t indulge in impulsive splurges, and who invests wisely are some of the signs of a financially strong person. However, just these attributes will not make you a financial rock star. To be a proficient financial inspiration to others, you must fulfill the following 7 characteristics.

1. You have your numbers in check:

As a financially sound person, you will have all your numbers in check. This includes your monthly salary, investments, expenses, etc. Despite the fact that expenses are bound to change often, you plan an amazing budget and try to adhere to it.

Furthermore, you maintain a good credit score, and keep a track of it. Also, most importantly, you spend less than what you earn and never put yourself in a tight spot at the end of each month.

2. You have a full-scale emergency fund:

Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. It can occur to you, your assets, or your dependants. If you have a strong emergency fund as a backup during these tough times, then you are a finance pro.

The fund can be in form of a savings deposit or even insurance policies that will cover your expenses at the time of crisis.

3. You have your retirement plans in place:

Obviously, you cannot have a full-fledged retirement fund, in early stages of your career. However, financial rock stars around the globe invest 10% of their monthly earnings for their retirement fund.

Even if you work for employers who offer good retirement benefits, you still save money for your personal retirement funds as an additional backing.

4. You either don’t have debts or you have a plan to settle them:

By now, you might have paid off all your debts or you will soon be there. Financial rock stars are well aware of the fact that debts reduce one’s credit score; therefore, they try to not take any loans or in the most mandatory cases, they create a good repayment plan.

If you are one of such people, then pat yourself on your back, for you have one of the important qualities to be a financial rock star.

5. You protect yourself, your dependents, and your assets well:

You are not the kind of person who thinks insurance as an expense. You, actually, research on the convenient and affordable insurance options using leading insurance claim consultancies like, and insure yourself, your dependants, and your major assets like your vehicle, house, and business.

Furthermore, as a financial rock star, you actually prepare yourself for the worst; you will make sure that all your coverable medical expenses should be enclosed by your health insurance policy.

6. You are well aware of the risks involved in investment options:

The key characteristic of a financial rock star is not that he or she saves in a risk-free investment option; rather, they understand that almost all investment options have their own risks and security. The rock stars look at long-term benefits than the short-term losses.

To be a rock star, you must be the master of the investment game. If you know how to mitigate risks in an investment and make the best out of it, then without a doubt, you are a pro in finance management.

7. You are not just a wise spender and investor, but also a good money maker:

While you are a pro in cutting back on unnecessary expenses, impulsive splurges, etc., you also do your best to amplify your income. If you work for any firm, you work your level best to have a shot at every increment opportunity.

If you own a business, you search for opportunities that will make you establish and expand your business to a bigger level.

Why is one of the leading and trusted insurance broker’s web portals in India. The online portal delivers simplified product information and the dedicated teams of professionals provide world-class claim assistance including real-time claim updates. Be it your car Insurance or medical insurance or travel insurance, policy99 is your go to destination for your insurance needs.

Once you Sign up with an Insurance Broker’s site like you can:

  • View product related information before buying – Informed decision
  • Compare quotes & buy Personal Insurance Products from top brands
  • Apply proposals for offline SME & Corporate Insurance Products
  • Store/Save policies in the cart and buy later
  • Don’t feel like filling forms, just upload your details and get a quote.
  • Set Automated Policy Reminders and get notified through E-Mail & SMS. (Even if the policies are not bough through them)
  • My Portfolio – View, Edit &Upload all your policies in a single screen
  • My Documents – Safely store all important documents in one place
  • My Profile – View, Edit & Upload your profile
  • Renew directly from your account seamlessly
  • Claim – Upload spot photographs with clear cut documentation process for speedy services
  • IOS & Android Apps will allow you to access your account on the go


Are you looking for insurance policy? Here is a look at why you should choose for all your insurance needs.

One Stop Insurance Shop – Advantage

At, users can compare prices and terms from various insurance companies and choose a deal that best suits their requirement. The extensive range of Insurance policies are available.

Personal Insurance Solutions

There is a wide range of personal insurance solutions to meet all lifestyle requirements and ensure that perils are covered and assets are protected. Some of the products include simple two-wheeler insurance, car Insurance, travel insurance and medical insurance. Check out a list of all the personal insurance solutions here.

Small & Medium Business Insurance Solutions

Entrepreneurs work hard to grow their business and it is essential that their investments and livelihood are always protected. Specialized solutions contain many types of insurance covers including standard fire & special perils, burglary, electronic equipment, machinery break down, jewelers block insurance and much more. Click here to see the entire list of insurance solutions for Small and Medium Businesses.

Corporate Insurance Solutions

Corporate insurance necessities are very specific and may vary from company to company depending on the industry and the nature of business. Policy99 offers wide variety of corporate insurance solutions so you can choose the option that is most relevant to your business.  Some of the products include group mediclaim, marine, industrial all risk, , group gratuity, workmen compensation, product liability insurance and much more. Check out the entire list of corporate insurance solutions here.

Ease of Access

For users who are adept at using the internet, buying all insurance solutions online is an effortless and a rational option. At, you can buy / apply all insurance solutions at the click of a button. All you need to do is fill a form or upload your details to get a quote.  Gone are the days where there were a lot of paperwork and long queues to get an insurance policy. Now you can buy a range of insurance covers from the comfort of your living room.

Single point of access for all your policies

Now you can store the entire family’s documents in one safe place. The “My Portfolio” option on allows you to handle the entire family’s insurance portfolio management from one dashboard. is licensed to deal with any general, health and life insurance companies in India on behalf of their clients and are regulated and monitored by Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority of India.


Set Renewal Reminders

Fill out a simple form with your Name, E-Mail id., Mobile No., Insurance Product and due date. When your renewal is around the corner, you will get an email &SMS notification indicating the same. You can set up reminders for any other policy that you have purchased through others. This helps make your insurance solutions quick, easy and hassle free. Fill up a quick form and you do not have to keep track and worry about missing another deadline.

Stay insured on the go

At, the insurance process is extremely simplified. You can download the sleek and user-friendly app on your Apple or Android devices.  This will help manage your policies and even track your claim process right from the app.

9 Myths Of Buying Insurance Online

There are a lot of myths & mixed associations with buying an insurance policy online. Since many people are accustomed to buy their insurances offline through insurance agents for years now, they believe these myths to be real and hesitate to buy insurances online. Here, we debunk the top insurance myths with their corresponding truths:

Myth 1: Buying an insurance policy online is a complicated and time-consuming procedure.

Truth: Contrary to the popular belief, buying an insurance policy online is quite easy and straightforward. You can buy it anywhere, anytime. In fact, buying an insurance policy online takes lesser time than its offline counterpart. The online insurance buying process is quite easy and quick. After you successfully buy an online insurance policy, the policy documentis sent to you instantly.

Myth 2: Online insurances are costlier than their offline counterparts, and only rich people can afford it.

Truth: Online insurances are much cheaper than traditional offline policies. With reduction in infrastructure and sales force, online insurances offer low premium rates to its online customers. This way,buying insurances online are cheaper than the offline processes.One must use online portals, such as, to compare and buy insurances and with varied schemes, anyone can buy an insurance policy online.

Myth 3: One needs to be tech-savvy to buy insurances online.

Truth: While basic computer knowledge is important for a person to apply for insurance online, he/she need not be tech savvy or net savvy. The procedure of buying insurance and claiming is made so simple.

Myth 4: Claim settlement is tougher when you have bought your insurance online.

Truth: The claim settlement process of any insurance is the same regardless of whether the plan is bought online or offline. If you disclose all important information truthfully, your claim settlement is done in a quicker and more hassle-free manner.

Myth 5: Buying insurance online has no personal assistance and is not trustworthy as a customers’ privacy is at stake.

Truth: There are no chances for any fraud or any privacy issues as all the transactions, policy details, Contact details and other crucial information you share are absolutely safe. In fact, online insurance offers more personal assistance and is more trustworthy. One need notworry about sharing personal information on insurance comparison portals like as sites like this work in accordance with SSL certified protocol and as per the IRDAI’s guidelines.The privacy of your personal information will be kept secure and intact.

Myth 6: Chances of buying a wrong insurance policy are high, and one might miss out on special schemes and discounts when buying insurance online.

Truth: Although the online insurance comparison portals pull out and select a policy or set of policies for your needs, it is up to you to choose what you want finally. However, if you buy a policy offline there are a high chance of manipulation. One more advantage of online insurances is that they have wider scope and many special discounts for its customers, in comparison to the offline insurances.

Myth 7: Onlineinsurances have very limited choices; they are too plain and simple.

Truth: With so many insurers and so many plans, all you need to do is share your exact needs and pick insurance based on your needs and wants. In comparison to offline mode, online insurance portals have a plenty of options when it comes to insurance policies.Online plans always come with a broader coverage, better features, and greater upper limit on exit age. Online insurances are always better pitched than the offline ones because the information is filled directly by the customer and not by agents.

Myth 8: Management of insurance policies that were bought online is tough, especially during renewal process.

Truth: On the other hand, managing online insurance policies are very easy and straightforward. Most of the required information is available online, and it can be viewed and downloaded as and when the customer wishes. Also, all the information is well encrypted, so that no one else has access to it apart from you. Additionally, by activating an SMS & E-Mail Alerts, you will be informed automatically and well in advance about your premium due date. Renewing any kind of insurance online is easy. It takes hardly any time, and it is a very straightforward procedure too

Myth 9: When bought online, there are high chances for documents to get lost.

Truth: All the policy documents and its corresponding details are stored in your insurers’ database, and you can retrieve them as and when you wish any time throughout the policy period.

Remember: IRDA Licensed Insurance Broker’s website like represent the client’s interest and not the Insurance Company. In other words Insurance Brokers are the only intermediaries who represent the client and not the Insurance Company as per the regulation.